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Tidal House   2022 - 23

Tidal House explores the relationship between material, landscape and dweller.

The house is situated on Texel island on the border of a rural area that passes into woods, dunes and the North Sea. It includes both a living part as well as a separate practice space with waiting room.


Tidal House consists of similar volumes that are seemingly loosely placed on the site. Like objects, left behind by the tides. The volumes are slightly rotated and shifted. With in-between left over, open spaces, to connect the landscape. This dynamic setting influences inside the changes in light and atmosphere during the day and the way the spaces relate to the surrounding landscape.

The sculptural volumes of the house are kept mainly closed on the street side, a narrow road. On the garden side large windows and sliding doors provide a direct connection with the landscape. This makes the seasonal changes tangible in the interior.

The various volumes form an open continuous space each with its own character. A change in material creates a horizontal division at a height of 2.40 m throughout the house. This change in material, between birch plywood, stucco and steel beams, influences the experience of the interior as a constructed landscape of spaces and transitions. 


The house has several sustainable implementations: a prefabricated timber structure, facade cladding and window frames of sustainable modified wood, a roof cover of recycled aluminium, natural ventilation, a concrete floor to retain the heat with floor heating and re-used travertine floor tiles. The house is all electric: in addition to an air-to-water heat pump energy is generated by built-in solar panels on the roof of the shed. 

Rain water from the roofs is collected in an underground water tank to be re-used for the watering of the garden.

Tidal house is an open and dynamic construction with the surrounding landscape. To expose new spatial experiences and to stimulate changes in the way the spaces are used over time.





Texel Island

2022 - 23

Bouw - & Timmerbedrijf Texel

Timber frame construction

NobelWood, sustainable modified radiata pine

Accoya, sustainable modified radiata pine

Falzinc, standing-seam roof, recycled aluminium

Holonite, composite stone

Birch plywood  -  stucco

Travertin floor tiles, re-used

Concrete with GGBS cement

Grass paving

Air-to-water heat pump

Solar panels, full black

Floor heating







Facade cladding


Roof cover


Interior Walls

Floor finish




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