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Like our skin which consists of pores water and interface, dividing and connecting at the same time".

studio to po ma               

architecture  -  interior  -  temporary structures

In the studio work and ideas are developed from a dynamic process through a combination of research, education and model making. 

Within that the degree of openness of the architectural skin and the constructed 

landscape are researched in an experimental way. To create new inspiring spatial experiences and interactions between user and consecutive spaces and materials.   With a special focus on detailing and materialisation.

Studio to po ma refers to 'topography' and 'porous matter'. Personal fascinations which are made tangible in models, temporary spaces and buildings. They also refer to our relation to our natural environment and the way we position in it.

To develop projects in close collaboration with clients is, together with reducing the environmental impact of materials, an important starting point of the work.

Work of the studio consists of both cultural projects, temporary installations as creating new forms of living.

interieur 10.jpg
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